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10 Day Intermediate Plastering Course

10 Day Course
£690 inc VAT!
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Plastering Courses

What you’ll learn on this course...

Health and safety requirements.
The correct use of materials, equipment and tools.
Planing fixing and cutting plasterboad.
Angle beads cutting and fixing
Jointing Tape application methods
Using a Plasterers Hawk and Trowel.
Mixing and applying Bonding Plaster.
Mixing and applying Finishing Plaster.
Mixing and applying Rendering.
Skimming and finishing Techniques.
Invisable repair to damaged plasterboad.
Tools and equipment advice and training.
Plaster products explained.

The Intermediate Plastering Course, enables you to undertake Plastering jobs for money.

Q.) Who is this course suitable for ?
Anyone who has completed the 5 day foundation plastering course and needs further plastering training to enhance their plastering skills or move onto one of our longer plastering city and guilds qualification courses.

If you need to acquire the knack of Plastering to a professional level, and want to get those skills quickly and entirely practically in the Plastering workshop then take a look at this 10 day Plastering course.

Course Content

  • Reinforcing your plastering skills.

  • This course carries includes the 5 day foundation course where we show you how to Plaster. The remaining 5 days of the course we build on the techniques you have learned on the Foundation course consolidating and reinforcing the skills you have gained on the foundation course, getting you faster, work on bigger surfaces without supervision and giving you confidence to be able to do difficult plastering jobs on your own.

  • Essential supervised practice, enabling you to reinforce your skills
  • Practice on bigger, higher walls and larger areas
  • Emphasis on timing, getting quicker and more accomplished

Course Duration

10 Days intensive plastering training (including the 5 day Foundation Course.).

Course Costs

£690 Inc Vat and use of all plastering tools and plastering materials.

How do i apply?

Just call one of our girls on 01708 344 700 to arrange your course, its a real easy process.

A deposit of £100 secures your place.

Course Feedback

Course Feedback

Course Feedback

Course Feedback